If you could find a way to get "out of control government" back into the hands of We The People, and secure freedom and liberty for yourself and your family, without spending a lot of money, passing new laws, electing new candidates, or taking a chance on going to jail, when would you want the information?

Do you know that you have 3 votes in the American system of government?

That's right, you have not just your voting booth vote, but you have two more votes.

They are enshrined in the law and have always been there, but the judges and prosecutors don't want you to know about them. They think you are too stupid to be able to decide those votes, and that you should leave all that "high thinking" to them because they are superior and "educated" and you are not capable of understanding the law.

But our Founding Fathers thought differently. They knew that right can be distinguished from wrong by almost everyone, since those principles are written into the heart of every human being.

If you want to find out what your rights really are, and your other two votes that give you tremendous power just by the fact that you know them, just click on the links below.



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